Anne B. Gass

Anne B. Gass is the founder and principal of ABG Consulting LLC, a small business devoted to supporting nonprofits, local and state governments, and foundations in their efforts to help people in need build stable, productive lives. Her clients create affordable housing and provide programming for people who are low income, homeless, are refugees, or have other special needs. Working both in Maine and nationally Gass has written over $156 million in successful federal and state grants since founding her business in 1993.

Gass has a BA from Reed College and an MA from University of Maryland.

ABG Consulting LLC Anne B. Gass ConsultingGass is also an independent historian and has written a biography of her great-grandmother, Florence Brooks Whitehouse, who was a suffrage leader in Maine from 1914-1920, as well as a peace activist, novelist, and artist. The book is called Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine's Fight for Woman Suffrage, and is available through Maine Author's Publishing and on Amazon. Gass speaks frequently to high schools, historical societies, libraries, and at other venues on women's fight for suffrage and equal rights. Click here to see the website for Florence Brooks Whitehouse.
Following in her great-grandmother's footsteps, Gass is active in efforts to improve her community and the lives of Mainers. In 1990 she founded the Maine Building Materials Exchange, a nonprofit "Goodwill" for building materials. The BME is still thriving and is open to the public at its warehouse in Lisbon, Maine. She has also been active on the board of other affordable housing organizations including the Northern New England Housing Investment Fund and the Genesis Community Loan Fund. She served for five years on the Town of Gray's Community Economic Development Committee.

In 2012 Gass founded and continues to chair the Gray Bike-Ped Committee, which has successfully planned and implemented new trail segments to improve the walkability of  Gray village.  The Bike-Ped Committee's work has succeeded in strengthening the town's willingness to improve safety for its walkers and bikers.

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